March 31, 2005

After today, consider me gone gone gone

Sting has just released his Bring On The Night documentary on DVD. This one, a personal favorite, documents the period just prior to the release of his first record The Dream Of The Blue Turtles. It's Sting and his jazz/rock fusion band rehearsing in a French chateau for his debut solo show. The movie is funny, as when a group of elderly tourists comes through the house as the band is playing, some plugging their ears. It's also really moving. This morning before work, in an effort to avoid the Pope and Terri Shiavo, I watched the bit where Trudi Styler gives birth to a son, with the song "Russians" ("I hope the Russians love their children too") playing over the scene. As happens every time I have seen this movie, I got teary.

Sting has also remastered the double CD of the tour he did during this period. It's gorgeous and worth it just for the orgasm-inducing version of "I Burn For You." I'd also say the version of "We Work The Black Seam" is far better on the live record than the actual studio cut. There is a wonderfully smooth version of the Paul Bowles-influenced "Tea In The Sahara" and this is the only place you can get his version of "Low Life" on CD.

If you like Sting and you have experienced neither the DVD or CD, get them because he was fucking brilliant back then. I'm not so much for him now, as he releases records in order to pay the taxes on his various villas, but this period of his artistry was pretty flawless.

PS: This movie is also notable because the teeth Sting has in it are clearly not the teeth he has now.

I read the news today

I truly scared some of my friends with that Javier Bardem/ Jasper post. I am unhinged. Unwell! So back to the music:

Ryan Adams tracklist for the Cold Roses double CD due May 3. Could we please have a single on iTunes? You can get a taste of the new music at his website. Nice arrangment on the song (and I also like the artwork)!

Noel Gallagher still can't live up to his own hype. The single "Lyla" is considered DULL by most everyone and now Noel says the new CD is better than Definitely Maybe. Right. He does make one good point: that he should have saved many of the 1994/95 b-sides for Be Here Now.

Van Morrison has a new album called Magic Time. I love Van, but I have not been too into his r'n'b soul period. This sounds like more of that...

My God, Gene Loves Jezebel is back. You just know it will end in tears. See their website.

New Order interview at Remember the Eighties. They also review the record, which has a very classic NO sound. Stream it via Torr. A personal fave is "Dracula's Castle" (Real audio) which does seem to have a Madonna influence on the strings starting at 4:17.

Adam Ant Friend Or Foe remaster review. I ordered mine ages ago, so where the fokk is it?

If you are a music fan and aren't looking at Torr daily, start now, this minute.

Naomi Campbell beat someone with her Blackberry. Read it! This means that all those people wearing "I was hit by Naomi" tee-shirts will need to update them!

March 30, 2005

Remembering my favorite magazine

Creem was my absolute favorite magazine as a teen. It exposed me to so much new music and influenced what would eventually become my "taste." During the first week of each month, I would walk for 20 minutes up to the Dunaway drugs (next to Winn Dixie...) near my house in Marietta, GA, to buy this magazine. I read each issue with total relish!

There is an excellent online Creem covers archive. Click here for 1983, probably the highpoint of my readership and click here for the contents of the issue above. I would LOVE to find full text of this stuff online. Their letters column was completely insane and dirty!

I do know that there is - or used to be - a store in Manhattan (ABS?) on 42nd street maybe, next to Port Authority, that sold old issues. It was printed on newsprint for many years, so you can imagine how well they held up. I bet Bitchin' Gwen has some old copies in her house. ? Viva la Creem!

I shall dedicate this post to Joanna and Laurie!

March 29, 2005

Two new blogs worth your time:

Turquoise Days
45 RPM

Turquoise Days has been doing a lot on Scottish pop recently, including the wonderful Bluebells. Also check out this link they supplied for Go-Betweens "Bye Bye Pride" or "Streets Of Your Town." Go-Betweens release a new record called Oceans Apart the last week ofApril - their new single is also up for sampling on that site.

March 28, 2005

Fiona Apple

Stereogum had another hilarious photoshop-the-cover contest, this time for Fiona Apple's leaky Extraordinary Machine album. Take a look at the results. I particularly like the toaster and washing machine covers.

Paul Hester has died

Paul Hester, the zany drummer for the brilliant Crowded House, killed himself this weekend. I don't know much -it's all over the press - but I do know that he had 2 children, which is terribly sad. Strangely, the Finns start a very important 3-date sets of shows at Royal Albert Hall tonight. They are doing the shows and Nick Seymour (below right) will be there with them. I suspect fans will experience a very special and very intense show. "Gentle Hum" is sure to make every fall apart as are any old CH songs they play. I'd like to be there and yet...not.

The Tears are here

The Tears is comprised of Brett Anderson and little Bernard Butler of Suede (yes, they made up). The resulting sound is a sort off BBC2 version of Suede. Suede-lite. The debut album, due in April, is called Here Come The Tears. I am not terribly impressed with their debut single "Refugees". Note that Brett still sings about the streets and the hip people doing nothing on them.

Watch the "Refugees" video
Hear the "Refugees" in audio

What happens when you take a nice young man

named Jim Verraros, a American idol reject geek...

and send him whizzing through the West Hollywood Male Slut Machine?

click here for another picture of young Jim chained to himself!
Okay. I just did some research. I apologize now for being unkind, but who is he kidding? I mean what if I decided to have someone like Mario Testino make me "hot"? The pics may come out okay, but everybody would be like, "Oh dear, who does he think he is? He does not look like that!" As much as we all want to be something better than we are.... aw, nevermind.

nice smoke Jim.

March 26, 2005

Chin chin! A tribute to "Withnail and I"

I've been planning this post for some time: a salute to one of my favorite movies, Withnail And I, directed in 1984 by Bruce Robinson, and starring Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann. Here are some pieces of the Amazon description:

London. The 60s. Two unemployed actors - acerbic, elegantly wasted Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and the anxiety-ridden "I" (Paul McGann) - drown their frustrations in booze, pills, and lighter fluid. When Withnail's Uncle Monty (Richard Griffiths) offers his cottage, they escape the squalor of their flat for a week in the country. They soon realize they've gone on holiday by mistake when their wits -and friendship- are sorely tested by violent downpours, less-than-hospitable locals, and empty cupboards.

I know that some readers share my love of this movie, so I have prepared some visuals (click to enlarge) and sounds. I was introduced to this film by a very dear, sharp college friend; she loved this movie and I wonder if she still thinks of it? I myself cannot help but quote it every now and then. Virtually all of this post's juicy sound bits come from the very fine Withnail And I wav Gallery 2007 update: This website no longer has the samples. "Boo you whores!"

Withnail and Marwood have a moment outside Monty's country house at Crow Crag

Marwood audio (zip file): Speed is like a dozen transatlantic flights without ever getting offthe plane. Time change. You lose, you gain. It makes no difference solong as you keep taking the pills. But sooner or later you've got to getout because it's crashing. And all at once those frozen hours melt trhough the nervous system and seep out the pores.

Marwood, with a pretty profile, shaves in the bathtub

Marwood audio: We are indeed, drifting into the arena of the unwell.

Lecherous Uncle Monty and Withnail by candlelight in the country

Monty audio: As a youth I used to weep in butchers shops.

Marwood drives to Crow Crag to Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" - I will admit to re-enacting this glam scene as I, you know, drive the grocery. Sigh...

Withnail audio: We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here and we want them now.


Withnail forages for food

Withnail audio: Don't threaten me with a dead fish.

Danny the dealer, whose drug doll has "voodoo qualities"

Quotable Danny: London is a country coming down from its trip. We are 91 days from the end of this decade and there's going to be a lot of refugees.

Marwood cleans up as the decade comes to a close

Beautiful music called Marwood Walks (Real Media), when the manic movie briefly becomes soft and reflective.

Monty audio:
The carrot has mystery. Flowers are essentially tarts. Prostitutes for the bees.

In Regent's Park, Richard E. Grant performs one of the most cultish -and bittersweet - moments in British film history

Withnail video: The Hamlet soliloquy

Withnail audio: Chin Chin!

A chin chin to the special girl who gave me this movie....I think of her often.

March 25, 2005

Dogs kissing: That is hot

I've been saving a few links for you...

Shelby and her friend Gracie in the park. Shelby is the one with the mammoth tongue. Be sure to read Shelby's blog.

Very nice new Aimee Mann ballad hosted at Scenestars for a week, so catch it now. I like her new material a lot.

Erasure interview at Playlouder - very good.

Have you seen Christopher Eccleston as the new Doctor Who?

Today is Jasper's birthday

Jasper, aka Booboo, turns 3 today. I am now casting for the movie of his life story and have selected an actor with an accent to play him. I think Jasper might have an accent.

The penetrating Javier Bardem will play Jasper:

Jasper's lil sis Lucinda (aka Sgt Barbara Havers!) will be played by...

Rachel Bilson, the most wonderful girl on TV:

March 24, 2005

Off topic: more thoughts on the the Schiavo case

Stereogum quotes Moby today on the Terri Shiavo case. It's what I have been thinking presented very succinctly, about conservatives relationship with the concepts of right-to-life and state's rights.

In the meantime, I don't want to beat on Shiavo's parents,
but they have been spending their days going from court to court while their daughter is dying. Shouldn't they be spending these moments with her? I have to say that, despite their actions, I do feel for them. Their daughter may have been mentally gone for many, many years, but they have adapted to her present state. Giving up the physical being that you know has got to be very hard. I hope that this sad story ends very soon.

I would also like to comment on the politicians involved in this case. Have you noticed George Bush's falling approval rating? He and Congress have behaved with total disregard for anyone but the Schindler's and the rabid right wing. Here are some general poll results on the Schiavo case and here are the President's ratings. Expect to see more press on the latter rating in the coming days.

Love this picture

Trent at Pink Is The New Blog has outdone himself with this post today on PAris Hilton's new little dog. What happened to Tinkerbelle? There is always someone younger and fresher to take your place...

"I don't do this for a living, this is quite new to me."

Everybody is posting about this: that former host of Access Hollywood Pat O'Brien is in rehab and a dirty bird, talking kink on the phone with some chick who is not his wife or his girlfriend Betsy. Ho! Listen to his pervy-ness (as if you have never talked like this) at Screenhead. Don't play this at work unless your boss is an uber-slut. I give Pat a "D" for originality - he is highly repetitive. We do find out (TMI) that he likes to toss salad and take drugs ("Let's get hookers and coke and go crazy!"). Charmed, I'm sure!

You just know Shawn Robinson is having a good laugh over this...

Ben Folds finally releases a new CD

Ben Folds is getting ready to release a long-awaited CD on April 26. He has been doing terrific and hard-to-buy-in-disc EPs for several years. His new record is called Songs For Silverman and it comes in like 4 versions, one including an extra disc (see pic above) called Songs For Goldfish, a set of live performances.

Hear a new NPR piece on Ben
Listen to 4 song bits on his
CD sampler
See my post Ben's recent take on Dre's Bitches Ain't Shit, a sweet delivery of an appalling song. The post includes a link to the full recording.

March 23, 2005

Review: Jennifer Lopez Anthony's "Rebirth"

Give to me your leather!

Stevie Nicks is doing a cool concert series in Vegas (at Celine's theater) and I really should go because Stevie is my first love! This set of 4 shows (May 10, 11, 13 and 14 with tickets still on sale at Ticketmaster) will be dedicated to the most uber-Stevie performance in history. You will be gagging on the Stevie-ness. She'll be using the huge imax film screens with old footage and wearing her old famous clothes. She apparently has never even taken the mic off the stand, but the stage is so big. Expect songs she has never done live too! (note to Princess: get in your Volvo and go!)

The interviews linked here are endearing because she goes into wayyy too much info about the stage she'll be on. She's really into it! Note that she also slightly slams Lindsey's demands for her to be more casual on the Fleetwood Mac tour... I guess he's still a prick after all these years.

PS: If you have unkind things to say about my lady, then be gone with you!

Bitchin' Gwen: Let me hear you say this shit is bananas!

UPDATE: Read this article from this week's NME transcribed by Gwen's best fansite.

Okay fine, Bitchin' Gwen is everywhere again to promote her new annoying single "Hollaback Girl", which is supposedly to big musical FU to Courtney Love for calling her a cheerleader. The video isn't out yet, but the pic above is from it, so clearly CLo got to her. I'll be interested to see how radio and MTV handle a song in which every other word is shit. Does that even count as a bad word anymore?

You can fer surrrrre watch an interview with Gwendolyn on TRL (from 3/22) at this Gwen fan site. She's a total valley girl! I knew that she says dude a lot, but geez, man, she's all twangy and, like, so kewl. Whatevah...she may sound like a 16 year old, but she looks hellzapoppin!

Below is a little photo evidence on how much of Gwen's look come from Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons...

Who is Gwen's artistic forebear?

Case 1: Gwen in "Ex-Boyfriend"

Dale Bozzio on the cover of "Words"

Case 2: Gwen in "It's My Life"

Dale on the cover of "Rhyme & Reason"

March 22, 2005

Review: In praise of Goldfrapp, wonderful electric

The Montreal Mirror says that the British duo Goldfrapp has a "carnivorous, libidinous vigour." Indeed. I have hinted at my fascination with this band for awhile. Their second CD Black Cherry is still growing on me almost two years after its release. This is the kind of music I play when I want to feel like someone I am not: someone super cool with a fucked up, mad dog kind of style. In fact, men should wear eyeliner when they listen to this music.

When The Scotsman asked Alison Goldfrapp what inspired her during production of Black Cherry, she said this: "I was doing a lot of f***ing. F***ing was what I was doing." It shows. You can read here what I wrote about the Devo meets Blondie-istic Strict Machine, AG's ode to her "wonderful electric" vibrator, while Twist offers this line: "Put your dirty angel face / between my legs and knicker lace."

But there's more to it - Tiptoe is the song I've been wanting Bjork to do since "Homogenic": James Bond meets Eno/Berlin techno meets...Bjork. The title track is so moving that I play it over and over on headphones at night. It's smooth and sweet as a cocktail, while two other songs tackle the subject of drug use in very different ways. Train is hardcore glitter-rock dance music with the Chateau Marmonth-ish lines, "LA nights just roll in/ Nasal douche, poolside line / softlit tan /what's your sign." It's a 70's Guy Bourdin photo in song. The delicate orchestral ballad Deep Honey is so gorgeous that you barely notice Alison is warbling, "Your white lies alway start with wide, white lines."

Black Cherry has the best CD packaging I have seen in years. The pics above and below were done by Polly Borland, a photographer most famous for her images of adult babies (Google her- they are so disturbing to me that I cannot even link them without feeling pervy). The Black Cherry imagery involves Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf (maybe a lover?), naked young men and women wrapped around Alison, voyeurs, plushies and a little bit of Oz. It's super kinky and super cool, just like the music. Read what Alison says about the imagery. I love this kind of shit and very few artists do it. Bjork always has really strong visuals that are a part of the story she is telling and Tori Amos used to do this to great effect, most infamously on the visuals for Boys For Pele, which were all so disturbing and seemed to be telling a fucked up story of their own.

To hear Black Cherry in full, go here and quickly fill in a name and email (it can be phoney)

As a wee bonus in this post, Goldfrapp's excellent fansite is offering a cool remix of the title track of Black Cherry. Meanwhile, Mojo reports on the progress of their upcoming album, which I believe will be released in 2005, one that I await with the same eagerness as Bjork or Madonna. As evidence of their travails, look at this cute pic of Alison in the studio.

If you are a fan of Bjork, Air, Portishead or even Kate Bush, you should seriously consider Goldfrapping it one night, alone in your house... in red high heels and lip gloss, with a martini in one hand and a Magic Wand in the other.

- XO xolondon

Slinky links:
Goldfrapp's wild official site (caution! titties and weenis here!)
Goldfrapp fan site
Fansite audio player to hear some remixes (click on Audios at the top)
Black Cherry album cover

Twist single cover

Train single cover

Strict Machine single cover

Wonderful Electric DVD cover Posted by Hello

Off topic

So the good news is that the judge did the right thing, but this rant that I wrote yesterday is still valid:

"I asked her if she was ready to take a little ride, and I told her that we were going to take her for a little trip and take her outside and get her some breakfast, and that got a big smile out of her face, so help me God," Schindler said. "So, she seemed to be very pleased..." - Bob Schindler, Terri's father, 3/21/05

"I think that every American in this country should also be outraged that this government is trampling all over a personal family matter that has been adjudicated in the courts for seven years," he said. - Michael Schiavo, 3/21/05

Every once in awhile I get all jacked up on this blog about a non-music issue. Today I am red-in-the-face over the fact that the President Bush and Congress have signed legislation that will allow a federal court to hear the case of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman. I don't think I have ever seen such disgusting behavior from Congress as I have in the past few days, with Tom Delay and various assmaster Republicans blathering on in the Capitol as if they were doctors. Among the lies perpetrated:

1) That there is real hope for Shiavo. The only doctors who have not labeled her "vegetative" are ones who have diagnosed her without an in-person exam. Bill Frist was one of those who commented on her medical condition to the press after watching a videotape of him. Revoke his license.

2) That Terri Schiavo's husband will get rich from her death. When he spoke to Babs Walters this morning, Schiavo said he will get no money. He did receive some money from some sort of malpractice suit and that is his right, in my opinion.

3) That Michael Schiavo should divorce his wife and hand her over to her parents. Hello, would you do this to your wife if she had been in a state like this for 15 years? That is asinine. It's no one's business!

4) That this is a "right-to-life" religious issue. Sorry, but in my world religion does not trump years of medical examinations and advice, to to mention legal decisions. Since when is keeping a woman alive by artificial means "what God wants"? And who knows what God wants? And is there even a God? Tom Delay apparently knows it all! You can bet that man would have flipped the switch on that Texas baby killer woman if he could have. I guess right-to-life only extends so far.

5) That this is a federal issue. Fine, make it a federal issue, but a) don't try and clamor on about everything being a state issue and b) don't try and say you aren't a proponent of big invasive government.

6) Once more, the Conservatives change laws as they see fit in each case. In their world, the government will be able to walk into your hospital room and control your life. It is truly shameful that politicians would exploit this woman for personal gain.

March 21, 2005

Bodies Without Organs

I just love cheeze-whizzy Eurotrash disco pop. The godlike Popjustice has a big piece on a hot new Swedish electronic band (aren't they all Swedes?) called Bodies Without Organs that is almost a PSB tribute band. They seem a little more palatable to me than the outlandish Alcazar or the "naff" novelty act Army Of Lovers, but they are cut from that same (polyester) cloth. There's nothing to say about them except that the music is dancy and kicky and fresh-in-a-trite-way. Catchy in an innocuous good way- gym music! The group consists of an old bald queen with a kooky mustache, an aging woman trying to look young, and a blond venus boy who Popjustice says is "fit."

Song samples here
(note that one of their tracks, Gone, is hilarious because it's totally sped up, like Chipmunks signing.)

Two videos:
Living In A Fantasy

Sixteen Tons Of Hardware

Note that there appears to be no way for an American to buy their record! The company is only selling it to Russia and the EU. Methinks that will change if they catch on here in clubs.
Make no mistake, Blogger is still fucked up, but I am moving on. I can't get the pics to work, so I am posting some stuff I have been saving. Hopefully I can get up the new posts soon.

Kate Bush #8: Look who's here to see you

so beautiful, she is (so Yoda, I am)

March 17, 2005

Some nibbly bits

Garbage's new ballad "It's All Over But The Crying" has leaked. I am the messenger not the host, FYI.

Oasis have announced all the details of their next potentially crap album, this one called Don't Believe The Truth, out on May 16. Read it at
NME . First single is called "Lyla"

Kelly Osbourne is now doing highly processed European electro music. Like Gary fokking Newman!
Hear a sample at iTunes

Morrissey live album samples are on the March 16th post at
MusicTap. "Redondo Beach", the Patti Smith cover sounds reggae and it's not good. Stick with "How Soon Is Now" - the show opener that got us all excited.

Rufus Wainwright has a live EP on iTunes called
Alright Already.

Nick Hornby has a new book coming out in June - a funny
book about suicide! It's called A Long Way Down.

Waylon Jennings has a roughneck son called
Shooter Jennings. Put the O Back in Country is the CD and here is a song called "Busted in Baylor County" (legal MP3). BTW, he used to bang Drea DeMatteo, but they broke up recently.

Joni Mitchell is releasing yet another cash cow compilation in April, this one called Songs of a Prairie Girl. This is her third such release in less than a year.

Google has a lil
Patty's Day theme because they are so cute. I myself forgot it was St. Patty's Day but I know some people who feel that this is the most important day of the year! Anyway, pinch my ass if you see me. I like that.

Mariah Carey is on the cover of Ebony with these words: Mariah Carey: The Most Misunderstood Black Woman In The World. Uh-huh.

Joss Stone sucks. She is just awful awful awful. I have decided to end her career! Be gone Joss.

Blogger still sucks. I wonder if it's too big for it's own britches?

March 16, 2005

Beautiful Bjork is all over the place this week..

The best bit of news is that she's releasing a video collection for her recent CD Medulla - an album I still pull out at night and struggle to understand (on headphones!). Here is a new Q&A with fans and a proper article on the legendary woman.

Today is the day of ME. I am fabulous today. As my friend said on my card, old is the new black.

You'd have me down, down, down, down on my knees!

Today is also Nancy Wilson' s birthday, though SHE is 51 and I am NOT.

March 15, 2005

What I'm listening to this week

These are slow days in music. Very little to inspire, but these are worthy:

Martha Wainwright: Bloody Motherfucking Asshole
Martha Wainwright has a voice layered with sexuality, defiance, angst and regret. It is a Victrola voice, far older than she is. This song’s power comes from her vocals and the brilliant rambling lyrics it carries (how can you resist this opening line: “Poetry has no place for a heart that’s a whore”). The chorus is so subtle you don’t notice it’s a chorus, but there is a definite structure here, though it takes some intriguing twists before reaching the repeated title lines about 2 and a half minutes in. Seems like Martha’s been planning this moment for years! I suspect that this one of those songs that’ll draw applause as she’s singing it live. Listen to it now (MP3)

Queen Latifah: California Dreamin’
I took a bath last night and played this song over and over. It’s a subtle, almost intimate version with a wintry feel. The kind of thing Vanessa Williams did really well for ten minutes in the early 90’s. With Latifah I cannot separate the artist from the material- I admire her as someone who keeps peeling back the layers. Some might call this lite or AM, but I like it and it’s my blog! Note that you can hear it if you click on the Latifah link above.

The Postal Service: We Will Become Silhouettes
This is an amazing song that sort of slipped in the back door. I mentioned it in January and only recently have I really focused on the ambiguous lyrics, which can be taken as catastrophe-as-life-metaphor or description-of–actual-environmental-crisis: “Our shells simply cannot hold all our insides in and that’s when we’ll explode…and it won’t be a pretty sight.” It also uses electronic elements in a pleasingly organic way. The opening notes remind me of a TV show theme song, but I am not sure which one. Maybe one of those Thirtysomething shows. ?? Watch the video at MTV

The Album of The Week is Josh Rouse, absolutely. I have not reviewed it yet, but don’t wait. While it won’t change your life or cause you to weep in your bed at night, it’s close to perfect. Run, don’t walk, to get it.

Aimee Mann's gonna knock you OUT.

Aimee Mann has a new concept album coming out called The Forgotten Arm - it's about boxers! It's due in May but you can hear some tracks now on her website. The vibe on this one is a bit more produced and sort of 70's sounding. After one listen I have these comments: "Dear John" has some great electric guitar I did not expect, "The King Of The Jailhouse" is a kind of plodding (in a good way) Band-esque ballad with a catchy chorus that goes "There's something wrong with me that I can't see" (indeed), and "Goodbye Caroline" is a slide-guitarish pop rock midtempo.

My criticism of Aimee in recent years has to do with her singing, which I sometimes find a little flatter now than in her 'Til Tuesday days, when Everything's Different Now was my favorite record. She seems to sing everything in the same voice, a la Norah Jones. These new songs have her multitracked and doing harmonies, etc, so it doesn't grate as much.

Her new single is now on iTunes. It's called "Going Through The Motions" and it sounds like...these other songs! Buy it here.

This news is courtesy of the bitchin' Stereogum

March 14, 2005

Tori Tori Tori

Toremy Anus - I mean Tori Amos! - at the Viktor And Rolf show in Paris 2 weeks ago. She will be in DC on Thursday, March 17 at 6:00pm. She'll be signing stuff at Barnes & Noble - Georgetown, which is at 3040 M Street, NW. Note that this store is like one block from one of the places where she got her start as a piano player, Mr. Smith's. Apparently it is not necessary to buy her mind-numbingly new agey book "Piece By Piece."

March 11, 2005

Kate Bush: She's in the trees, she's coming!

You can have a cool Kate Bush wallpaper in large and larger

sorry if that title above made you think I had album news. I so do not.

New bracelet: WWPD

From PageSixSixSix:

Paris suffers setbacks, and she just dusts herself off, puts on a newpair of panties and plants a smile on her face as she goes on with herbusiness. And we are going to do the same.

...the sigh of wild electricity

Darklings, Patrick Wolf's new CD Wind In The Wires has been released in America. You can hear it in full here (try The Libertine, Gypsy King and Land's End) then BUY it. I intend to spread the word about PW as far as I can. I hear we've reached India already...

Hear are some live acoustic tracks for your listening pleasure:

Land's End
Wind In The Wires
Gypsy King

note those are broadband links. If you have dial up, go to
this page

My review of the CD will come next week...