February 18, 2005

Why is Justin Timberlake an asshole?

Let me tell you now...

In the LA Weekly
interview I posted yesterday with Generation Kill writer Evan Wright, I noticed this appalling piece of information:

Were there repercussions for your unit after the articles were published?

When the articles came out, the Marines were severely punished for what they said to me, and one guy was kicked out of the battalion. They got into a lot of shit... even though they were getting punished and in trouble for all this, they didn’t knuckle under. It’s been my experience when I write about someone, and even though I always try to quote them accurately, they will often retract their quotes later on and say, "I didn’t say that, that’s bullshit." None of these guys retracted their quotes. None of them took back what they said. In the end.... they all stuck by the articles.

The Marines, they’re getting busted down. They put their lives on the line. They’re accused of cowardice for what they said in my articles. The one person who’s infuriated by my articles and is threatening all these horrific things is Justin Timberlake. Because one of the Marines dissed him. And Justin Timberlake’s people threatened all these horrible things because Corporal Person mocked Justin Timberlake’s musical abilities in the articles. It’s just a perfect comment on our culture.

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