February 7, 2005

What I am listening to this week

Have all you BLOGGERs noticed that blogspot profiles are stuck on November 4, 2004? What gives? Anybody know the skinny?

Anyhoooo, this is what's playing at Xolondon Towers this week:

Keane: We Might As Well Be Strangers (DJ Shadow remix)
Keane has released a fabulous DJ Shadow premix of "We Might As Well Be Strangers" that is now on iTunes. I missed their show the other night, but my friend Lisa (who handed them their gold record!) reports that they are very tall. They are tentatively scheduled to release a new CD in October 2005, but I wouldn't hold my breath. They are still heavily touring for Hopes And Fears, my fave album of 2004. One PS: Very bad choice of white belt for Tom Chaplin on SNL last weekend. Very girly.
Hear it via Torr or at iTunes

Kylie Minogue: I Believe In You
The new Kylie Minogue single (she did it with Scissor Sisters) is now on iTunes. This song seems bland on the first few listens, but later reveals itself to Fucking Pop Glory. I discovered this fact while sloggin' along on a crosstrainer machine. The chorus that once sounded like cats crying, now sounds like angels sighing. I believe in Kylie, indeed!
Hear/see it: Windows High / Windows Low

Patrick Wolf: The Libertine
Aforementioned prodigy goth punk kid from Devon. I have played this song for several people and all seem taken by it. Will he be a big star or will he disappear? Stay tuned!
Hear it via playlouder.co.uk

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