February 7, 2005

Tori's bliss of another kind

More news about The Beekeeper album. I'll post my review very soon. In the meantime, here is a kooky excerpt from her new book, Piece By Piece, out on Tuesday 2/8:

"Isabella was waiting there for me in a shaft of light by the piano and she said "Write me in a song. I want access to this dimension." I said "Talk with me awhile." I just started playing something random so as not to lose the moment. Then she said, "You’re still hurting." I asked her "To what are you referring?" She said, "I was there that day." I asked "What day?" "That day when you walked through Washington Square and I saw a tear you were hiding, and I held up a candle to guide you." I looked at this glorious vision of light, and I giggled softly. "Well, Isabella, we know which song you are in, then, don’t we?" She held me a moment then danced back into the shaft of light from which she had come. I finished Washington Square [title changed to Garlands] that day."

do you think she looks old above?

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