February 17, 2005


The new House Of Love CD is quite nice and streaming here (thanks to the excellent Torr blog). I personally recommend track 2 "Gotta Be That Way." Their song "I Don't Know Why I Love You" was one of my favorites in college. Remember it? How nice to hear a group return from the dead with a record that doesn't sound like its trying too hard.

I don't know why I love you / Your face is a hammer in my head / I remember every word you said / I just don't know why I love you / I don't know why I care / I never even liked your hair

Ed Harcourt's lovely choral-like song "Loneliness" can be sampled on his site. I also liked his song "Born In The 70's" from this same record, so maybe it's worth getting. I ended up selling the last two.

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torr said...

Ed's new album is his best yet!