February 19, 2005

Off-topic: Generation Kill, part 2

Some things I have learned about the military from Generation Kill:

1) The food packages –called MREs – are really nasty, Most soldiers skip the main course and just eat the extras, which include: Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, pop tarts, brownies, dry kool aid mix (eaten dry!). They call this scrounging for the goodies “ratfucking.” The Charms candies are considered bad luck by the Marines and they toss them out of their vehicles.

2) They also constantly imbibe caffeine, dip, ephedra, and dry instant coffee crystals. Anything to stay awake.

3) The platoon commander even keeps an eye, like a parent, on his men’s bodily functions, checking to make sure they are drinking water, pissing and pissing clear. It’s also normal for marines to shit in front of each other on the side of the road – they have to do this or else risk going off alone and getting blown up by a landmine.


fullflavor said...

item three is an interesting insight. I've never had to shit in front of anyone. However, under those circumstances, I'd let anyone see me asshole.

With all due respect for our troops over there, I am having some humorous thoughts about this subject.

1. Guess America has imported Moonshine to the middle east LOL

2. wonder if this little bit of news will make it into Trivial Pursuit?

3. Darn, now I'll be thinking of marines everytime, I take the dog out for a walk.

4. What about the female soldiers? Do they?

xolondon said...

The First Recon Batallion is one of the last areas of the military that is exclusively male. One would think there has to be some different policies for coed platoons! Not sure the women would like all the chatter about "hot dick" etc.

fullflavor said...

Blogged your blog to quickly come back. Thanks for the reply.

True Story related to your #3 issue.

My late brother-in-law had his colon removed for suspected cancer. Now at the time he was about eighty or 79 and when the nurse asked him to drop his drawers for an examination he commented.

" Well, I guess it is about time I stop calling these 'privates' as they will now become very public."

Comment about your blog. The black background makes for very hard reading during the day especially with the subdued sunlight reflecting on the screen.