February 17, 2005

Off-topic: Generation Kill, part 1

As I post this tonight, J-Lo’s mysterious illness has made the nightly news, I suppose because people want to think she is pregnant. Why do they care? I don’t, so I’ve decided to do some off-topic posts on a great book I am reading:
Generation Kill by Eric Wright (above). I became aware of this book when I read excellent excerpts in Rolling Stone and again when Martha Raddatz of ABC News recommended it last week at an event I attended.

This is hardcore how-can-they-allow-that-to-be-published stuff from a writer who was embedded with the Marine First Recon Battalion in the war- the guys who were the first into Iraq. This is the type of book I want to talk about with everyone, so I’ll put up some choice bits over the next few weeks as I read it. Let me start now:

One of the platoon commanders is a Dartmouth grad who says he thinks the ROTC should be at colleges, not to militarize the schools, but to
“liberalize the military.”

“I would love to have flown the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan,” says one twenty-year-old corporal.
“A couple dudes killed hundreds of thousands. That fucking rules! Yeah!”

When the author meets the marines for the first time in a mess tent, one of the young ones approaches to ask if it’s true that J-Lo is dead - the rumor had being going around the camp for a week. “Maybe she really did die,” the marine says, “But they’re not telling us to keep our morale up.”

Ugh! How depressing that J-Lo even made it into this book. Anyway, to read more:

LA Weekly
interview with Eric Wright (this is good)
Village Voice piece


Anonymous said...

I thought you read this book already? :)

xolondon said...

Martha Raddatz? Is that you? Did you recognize me from World Market and Container Store. We should SO be friends...