February 2, 2005

Off topic: End Times and the Environment

On this day of the "President's" State of The Union address, I will do some politicking here:

My friend Laurie sent me this really good article from Grist, an environmental news site, detailing the connection between the religious right and the current administration's stance on the environment (which is to loosen the laws that protect it by doing things like drilling in national wildlife preserves). Basically, they don't give a shit because we're all going to die in the impendning Apocalypse. In fact, they say, pissing away environmental protections will hasten the Second Coming and The Rapture, yadda yadda.

The article is long, but interesting and quite scary. Print it and scare yourself while sitting on the toilet! It seems reputable and supports its hypotheses with facts (although not cited, but what news magazine does do citing?). Names to fear: Tom Delay (duh) and James Inhofe, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chair. The latter is a blatant NUT.

Here also is a ridiculous website called RaptureReady.com that gives indicators to how close we are to the Apocalypse. Maria and Jim, who find endless amusement in TBN, will love this site.

If you think all this End Times stuff is a joke, it isn't really. It is BIG business - it's all over TBN and the nutty Hal Lindsey has a news website and show devoted to it. This for instance is one of the big quotes on his site:

When I sit back and take a good, hard look current events, I marvel that anyone could miss the signs of Jesus Christ's soon coming. We live in a world where the United States is considered socially backward because it takes issue with the idea of homosexual marriage.

All this reminds me of something funny. Don't know if any of you saw the recent episode of Six Feet Under where, in the opening "death" bit, a truck filled with inflatable sex dolls crashed on the highway and the naked dolls were cut loose, floating away in the sky. Some crazy woman saw this while driving in her car, thought the Rapture had arrived, got out of her car on the highway, opened her arms up to God and... was walloped to death by a truck! It was a real hoot!

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