February 4, 2005

New music: Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf as (Murderous?) English Schoolboy...

Some choice lines from Patrick Wolf:

"I wrote your name in my shit across the town"

"I was a girl till I sewed my hole up"

and his new song begins with the excellent line:

"The motorway won't take a horse"

That draws me in!

What you should know:

1. He used to be hideous yellow blond and looked like he was a reedy 15 year old.

2. Now he's got black hair and looks like he's a reedy 10 year old. It should be noted that he started writing the songs for his 2003 debut, Lycanthropy, when he was 11 years old!

3. He's from Devon, England and he's really 22, veering between a goth (see pic below) and a fey "public" schoolboy (you know what I mean).

4. He has played viola for The Hidden Cameras (which probably confirms he is a buggery enthusiast).

5. He's the type who likes big English cliffs (think Annie Lennox in her nightgown in Here Comes The Rain Again)

6. There are not a lot of showbiz folk like him these days. Playlouder thinks he is very David Sylvian. He wrote, arranged, performed and produced his new album himself...

7. This is sort of folky electronica pop rock with violins, beats, bad words, deep vocals and crunchy noise. Very 80's influenced and melodic. Think Marc Almond meets The Waterboys. Think Vienna-era Ultravox, though his newest song is kind of Peter Murphy-ish.

8. Links: website / interview / Funky Mofo interview piece

2 videos:

To The Lighthouse from his first CD called Lycanthropy Real Media film

The Libertine from his forthcoming CD called Wind In the Wires link

It's all veddy Bridish isn't it? Not quite so British is the word libertine. It's so...evocative. It means: debauched: unrestrained by convention or morality; a debauched aristocratic society "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"

I sadly am not much of a libertine, are you?

Note: Maria and Varant should listen to this, particularly The Libertine.

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