February 21, 2005

Just say no.

I was just telling my musical protégé (at the "field office" in Whackoff NJ) that THE New UK Band is Bloc Party. They are everywhere THIS week, outta the blue, in London. I will not fall into this tender trap! I could be fooled by the wispy, Echo-y single “So Here We Are” but actually much of their music is loud and crunchy a la Green Day.

Last week I succumbed and bought the first (and last?) album by Thirteen Senses. This was my second Coldplay rip off in one week, following the arrival of the new Athlete CD. TS have a few lovely songs ("Into The Fire” and "The Salt Wound Routine") but is slight and derivative. The whole charade reminds me a bit of Geneva, if anyone remembers them. Nice band, but not nice enough to sustain for more than a CD or 2. I am already selling it on Amazon!

As for the aforementioned Athlete, believe the shitty reviews. This band has been hobbled! Castrated! "Wires" is beautiful - a major single, but the rest of the record is similarly downtempo, with nothing seems to come close to that track. What happened to all the joy of a song like "You’ve Got The Style" (about the "Bridish weather"!) - was that the one where they yelled "Chorus!" just before the…chorus? Now it’s all stolen Coldplay piano filigrees and moody lyrics. Embrace already did this (well) a few months ago. It's positively sad. It’s not up for sale yet, but it is in the ICU.

All this and I have not even touched Maximo Park, another hot band in the UK right now. Nevermind any of it, I'll wait until mid May for the new Turin Brakes single "Fishing For A Dream." I find them to be more of a singles band – I have owned and sold all their records (I’m ruthless that way), but "Painkiller" is one of the finest songs of the 00’s.

Remember this week’s best release is Josh Rouse’sNashville.” Also this week is Tori Amos (with a fucking seed packet included) and Patrick Wolf’s new “Wind In The Wires.” Reviews of Rouse and Wolf coming shortly.


torr said...

I couldn't disagree with you more! :-) I don't like Bloc Party. I love the Thirteen Senses album. I loved Geneva. I didn't like the first Athlete albun. I like the new Athlete album. Excited to hear of Turin Brakes return.

xolondon said...

Some of my post wasn't clear: I don't like Bloc Party except for the purttty stuff. I also like Geneva a lot - it's just that they didn't have what it took to differentiate them. I had both albums (think I just own the first now). That's funny about the Athlete...the first one is so fun, if spotty. It COULD be that I am not giving them or TS the proper listening, although sometimes you just don't feel inclined to do that, you know? Will play them in my office more at your recommendation!

torr said...

I just gave the Bloc Party album another listen and there are a few songs I like, the less "angular" ones.

Geneva had vocalist Andrew Montgomery to differentiate them, what an amazing voice he has. I like the 2nd Geneva album even more than their debut. It's too bad his new band Amityville isn't better.

I like the new Athlete album better than their debut cause I like weepy stuff better than fun stuff :-)