February 3, 2005

In praise of Roddy Frame's lyrics

A very young Roddy Frame

Roddy Frame (ex Aztec Camera) is one of the best lyricists in music today. His lyrics are so perfectly tight - nothing extraneous. Even his leftovers are lovely: download this one called Your Smile Has Stopped the Hands of Time. sorry, expired!

The skeletal limbs of the trees
Daring the girls to compete
All eyebrows and elbows and knees
Knocking the guys off their feet

You say you'll never be alone
Let the stars shine and
prove you wrong
The sadness will string you along...
Your smile has stopped the hands of time

My favorite Roddy lines of recent days are realllly sad and aching. He's the master of wisftul. These are from the unbelievably good title track to his last record, 2002's Surf:

When I was young the radio played just for me, it saved me
And now I don't want anyone who wants me, baby
Tuning out the darkness
Turning on the dawn
If life was like the songs,
I'd surf across the curved horizon
and forget her
and be gone

full lyric here

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