February 24, 2005

How blue are you?

From their website:

Wear a "How Blue Are You?" wristband in "red" states and "blue" to show your support for the democratic values that make our country great for all Americans.

Proceeds will go to the Democratic National Committee and the National Gulf War Resource Center, the leading organization providing advocacy and support for Gulf War veterans.

How Blue Are You was founded by four friends shortly after the 2004 election. Dismayed by the prospect of four more years of a Bush presidency and determined to keep the enthusiasm we felt volunteering for the Kerry campaign alive, we started How Blue Are You as a way for fellow Democrats and others to show solidarity and let the conservatives running our country know we respectfully disagree with their policies. Read more about HBAY

xolondon is wearing his blue band now. It's making his wrist sweaty...

Thanks to the Whackoff NJ correspondent for turning me onto this. Bleeding heart liberals fuck 'em up before they fuck us up! And while I am on it, you know what I think about the Pope. I won't say it out loud.

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