February 18, 2005

Darklings revolt!

Just heard the new Garbage song Why Do You Love Me - it's loud, crunchy and catchy with some serious heavy metal chords. This makes me excited for their record which I hope will be the usual combination of metallic crunch, pop music references, great lyrics and Shirley's mix of low, menacing vocals alternating with cooing babydoll vocals. This group is far better than their reputation - You Look So Fine (from v. 2.0) was Radiohead-worthy and Cherry Lips (from beautifulgarbage) was perhaps the most perfect pop song of the past 5 years.

I'll always buy their records, though I am seriously disturbed by the band's decision to hide much of their website behind a $20/year fee. I won't even link 'em! Fockers!


V said...

Now I'm curious. Love their stuff. Does Shirly's voice still sound Debbie-Harry-esqe? That's the first time I'm hearing about a band that charges their fans to look at their website. That's not right. Fockers!

xolondon said...

She seems able to channel a lot of people in her voice. I think the last 2 minutes of "You Look So Fine" are verrrrry Deb-esque. I suppose "Cherry Lips" is too. "Special" is clearly meant to be a tribute to Chrissie Hynde. I love that she uses all these voices.