February 2, 2005

Antony and The Johnsons

The jury in my kangaroo court is still out on this performer/group. Here are a few reasons to try Antony and The Johnsons:

*Though he does not add anything to save Rufus Wainwright's recent song "Old Whore's Diet," Rufus adds something to the new A&TJ song "What Can I Do?" (sample on this page)

*He is literally a warbler. Sometimes his voice grates, but you might try "Cripple and Starfish" (sample here) - it's kind of majestic.

*He has found a creative way to deal with his receding hair line. See above!

*He put Andy Warhol Superstar Candy Darling on the cover of his new album and this is a nice thing to do.

*Maxim Moston, who did the beautiful strings on a number of recent Rufus songs, is in this band.

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