January 27, 2005

What I am lovin' this week

Ben Watt featuring Estelle: Pop A Cap In Yo Ass
Really innovative. Ironic title. Estelle’s spoken narrative (in a THICK accent) over a lean groove that you can tell is Ben Watt. Hear it (at bottom of page) and Read it

Doves: Black And White Town
Jangly, noisy return single. Supposedly one of the records of the year, even before January has ended. More council estate life (that's public housing, trolls) in the video.
See it

Magnetic Fields: I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
For the lovelorn or forlorn, this is a remix that I got on itunes. It’s hilarious because it’s the deep droll voice of Stephen Merritt, who I know most as a songwriter, in a Depeche Mode-ish environment. He should do a whole album of this! It's very fag moderne. Hear it at iTunes

Erasure: Lets Take One More Rocket To The Moon
Mid-tempo from their new CD Nightbird (is that Stevie Nicks reference?). Not much one can say about this: pedestrian lyrics, arrangement that could have been on their 1995 CD. Still, it adds up to sweetness and that is what I, the Bitched Out, need right now. Long live Andy Bell, I might add. Hear it

Josh Rouse: Streetlights

The other new song that leaked. A moody ballad with the hook like, While I wait for this record, which is so going to be the Record Of The Year (that's my Amazon Review Jim!), I am going back to listen to his early records. Hear it

Michael Buble: Home
I know. I know. Save the wheeze for last. I can't help it - this song channels the wankiest of Ronan Keating and mixes it up with a vaguely Procul Harum chorus about wanting to be home instead of in places like Paris and Rome. I think it goes like this: “Boo hooooo / I am blue / So alone / On my cellphone / Walking ahh-lone / On the Champs Elysees” No, not really. I dare to dig. Hear it

By the way, I did not like the Jimmy Somerville CD and am selling it now on Amazon.

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