January 18, 2005

Wayyy off topic: Darwin Awards

Let me be personal for a moment: I am feeling chafed by a lot of things this week. In fact, I am turning into a mighty cunt! I just saw something on the nightly news that said that 61% of Americans do not believe in the theory of evolution – they believe in Creationism. 61%!! That is fine, believe what you want, but do not fucking sue your fucking school district so you can shove your fucking scary, punitive psuedo-Christian Lord Jesus Savior (who is saving only you apparently) down my throat. I was raised in the church (albeit a liberal Episcopal one) and I believe (I think) in God – hell, I even believe in angels - but I am truly drained by these whiny-ass conservatives and fundamentalists complaining about their rights being trampled. Why don’t they start a new country? Break off! Secede! Because I am not moving. Not budging one fucking inch! That’s your method and now it’s mine too. This is the new democracy and the liberals are gonna fuck you up!

I doubt many readers of this blog are big into Creationism. I would like to say I don’t want to offend anyone. But really, as I am surrounded on the streets of DC by spike-heeled, fur-wearing Republican zealots, I just don’t care this week. Expect more filth.

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small squirrel said...

The title is brilliant and the content right on.

Who took that poll....Ashcroft?