January 28, 2005

Various titbits

Living in a material world
Check out the opening page on Madonna.com for an 80's memory. Or should I say mammary?

David LaChapelle's Blind Item
The photographer, fresh from the slammer, is interviewed on Salon and has this blind item:

There was this one music video with such a spoiled pop star, just someone who had changed so much since when I first met them. Just being treated so ... [Pauses.] It was just bizarre, coming from a place where you have autonomy and you're working on this film, to be suddenly working with somebody who really is not that great of an artist, to put it bluntly, but who thinks that they're this great artist. And you have to humor them, "Yeah, you know, you're great."

Who might it be?! It would seem to be something recent, given the clues. Is it Joss Stone, Norah Jones, who?

Just because I want to
I will post Bree Walker's before and after plastic surgery shots. ha ha ha ha ha! That is so funny it makes me pee a little! Bree is the woman, by the way, who is a newscaster despite (or because of) having wonky hands. I really don't know why wonky hands would matter to a newscaster anyway? You may remember her from the 90's when there were less deformed people on Earth and this kind of thing was news. While you are looking, check out Rick Springfield. ha ha ha ha ha!

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