January 4, 2005

Various bits

George Michael has a new video for "Round Here" where you can see his fat stomach and big ass. I say that lovingly. Actually George is aging in the same bad way as Mel Holier Than Me Gibson. Regardless, this is a decent, mellow song, a memory of growing up in England. The video is the equivalent of me dragging my friends around showing them the places "where I lived." See it via Yahoo UK/Ireland (or via Arjan)

Janet Jackson gets a hilarious letter written to her from a fan on the Velvet Rope. I will quote the best bit:

I BEG OF YOU, STOP talking about what has been inside, around, on, or near your vagina, including but not limited to penises, packages, throbbing magic wands (large or otherwise), fingers (yours or otherwise), lips, noses, toes, fruit or any other phallic shaped object that could be used for sexual gratification. You must NEVER speak of this again. It’s just gotten nasty, okay? You’re a freak. WE GET IT! We love you. Let’s try something different now shall we?

Sheryl Crow will vomit up two albums this year. Goody. One of the CDs is an "artist" record, because Sheryl is under the mistaken impression that she is a writer on the lines of Mary Chapin Carpenter or Shawn Colvin. She is not.

Page Six Sixy Awards are out. I am still laughing about the email Pat O'Brien sent Shaun Robinson (of Access Hollywood) telling her she speaks like a "5-year-old gang member."

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