January 7, 2005

Subtle innuendo follows

Adam Ant's label is re-releasing his last three 80's records in March '05. The only one worth getting, IMO, is 1982's Friend Or Foe. This is the brilliant record with all the horns and sighs. It featured Friend Or Foe ("I want those who get to know me / To become admirers or my enemies") Desperate But Not Serious ("...console you with a big kiss on the lips /And on the back of the neck") and of course Goody Two Shoes ( "Put on a little makeup makeup!"). There are now 24 tracks on this CD, including an unreleased b-side called Good Sex Rumples The Clothing. Indeed. I will post a 2003 photo of Adam soon...

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The Dancing Kids said...

Unfortunately this album also contains songs like "crackpot history and the right to lie" = featuring a "rap" that goes something like " i wish that everyone could see/a show by liza minelli/such a marvelous lady/with talent by the ton..." or something like that. yeeeeesh. but LAWD he was HAWT

xolondon said...

Better still is this one: "Pumping is a splendid gift, I hope you will catch my drift
Some like pumping in the lift, just like the Scottish Tongs"