January 17, 2005

Shake your moneymaker!

I highly recommend that anyone who likes Scissor Sisters get the new DVD "We Are Scissor Sisters and So Are You." I never realized how pretty and fabulous Ana Matronic is, or how she contributes vocally. Much of my fave song by them, "Filthy Gorgeous," is actually sung by Ana. I paid $10 for a DVD that has:

- A concert in Brighton, England
- 4 of their videos
- 2 documentaries (including footage of their earliest performances)
- Some funny menu backgrounds
- Jake reciting (by heart!) Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" in a park
- Appearance by Kylie, Simon LeBon and a very old looking Bono (who clearly has white hair under that color)
- Jake performing "Music Is The Victim" in nothing but a frequently falling towel
and of course...
- Jake nude and putting on a costume as the "egg"

You can take the boy out of go-go....

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