January 12, 2005

Off topic: English vs AmerEnglish

A conversation between my British cousin (who IS Bridget Jones) and I, after she said she had a cot in her (soon-to-be) baby's nursery:

XOLONDON: You can get lots of cool baby stuff for that room, but babies don't sleep on cots, silly girl- they use something called a "crib" and it's not what rappers call a "crib"!!

BANANA (the cousin's nickname): OF COURSE babies sleep in cots!!!!! I suspect we are probably talking about the same thing here and it's a language issue (i.e. you Yanks can't speak English!) They start off in a Moses basket for the first 2 or 3 months and then go onto the cot for a good year or two. SO THERE!

What can I say? You learn something everyday...

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