January 11, 2005

Off topic: Al Sharpton's truth

During the Democratic primaries I thought Al Sharpton was interesting because he was so free to say whatever he wanted, thus forcing the other candidates to address issues they might not have wanted to address. Al himself is a bit of a kook, so I am not espousing him as a whole, just some of the things he says. Here is a recent quote. picked up by AP:

"I think George Bush manipulated a lot of religious feelings about marriage when the president has little or nothing to do with marriage," Sharpton said. The 2004 election was not the place for a moral debate, the New York Democrat said. "It was the place for a debate on Iraq, he's in charge of the military; health care, he's in charge of that; on Social Security, he's in charge of that," Sharpton said. "But we should not relinquish the morality of the church to the office of president. He has nothing to do with that."

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