January 14, 2005

Josh Rouse deserves your precious time

How did I forget to put this on my favorite songs this week?

Josh Rouse "Winter In The Hamptons"
Absolutely sweeeeet the first time you play it. I defy you to say anything else because it's a cupcake of a song that you'll be singing along with in your car. You can hear it right now courtesy of Stereogum. They are right that it is vaguely Smithsy. This is the kind of thing Ryan Adams did so well in the past, but can't seem to pull off anymore.

A few comments about Mr. Rouse, who looks very much like the love child of Paul Rudd and Ellen DeGeneres. His last CD, 1972, was one of my favorites of 2003 and I cannot wait for the new one Nashville, due February 24th. Check out his website here. What do I notice?

1) There are TEN songs, thank you Jesus.
2) There is a song called "Middle School Frown" that I must hear stat!
3) The cover is so fab I want to buy the vinyl version.

I hope this post will turn someone else onto Josh. If you are doubtful, try to find his tracks "James" or "Comeback (Light Therapy)" from 1972 and you'll be converted. Here also is one other song from the new CD - this one a tinkly piece of loveliness called "Streetlights", delivered via a great blog called Scenestars (see their review of the disc) . These two new songs make me feel that he is an artist in the middle of one of those really fertile periods - he just keeps building. Lisa has loved him forever, but I was strangely not so into his old stuff.

If you haven't loved him before, you will start today...

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