January 25, 2005

FCC: The storm ain't over yet

If you are excited like Howard Stern about the resignation of FCC Chairmen and professional Republican patsy Michael Powell, don't get too excited. It is very likely that his replacement will be an even more obsessed "moral" advocate. The new CQ Weekly reports on one possible candidate:

Most feared by the entertainment business is the elevation of GOP Commissioner Kevin J. Martin; President Bush could make him chairman until 2006 without a Senate vote. “He’s way more of a firebrand than Powell when it comes to indecency,” one entertainment industry executive laments. “He’s more likely to add more rules that just enforce the ones already on the books.”...

Media lawyer Kathleen A. Kirby says that Martin and Democratic Commissioner Michael J. Copps have been the panel’s most strident critics of filth on the airwaves. “Powell himself wasn’t the driving force,” Kirby says. “He was under pressure from Congress, and had two vocal commissioners who were advocating a crackdown.” The FCC proposed $3.7 million in fines last year, up from $440,000 in 2003.

Please note Martin's resume, a shining example of political ugliness:

- Associate independent counsel under Ken Starr
- part of the Bush campaign’s 2000 election legal team in Florida
- Catherine Martin, his wife, served as the spokeswoman for Dick Cheney before becoming an economic adviser to the president

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