January 26, 2005

The Culture of Charity, 2005

I don't care if Tears In Heaven was written for a dead toddler, the song SUCKS. (Hey, I have said much worse that is sending me to hell, so chill). Anyway, did you hear The Stars, whoever they might be, are recording this as a Charity Song for the tsunami victims? How fucking ridiculous and offensive. It'll be a big ol' wankfest where hypocritical rock stars show up in "subdued black and bling" and blather three words of the lyric in front of an Entertainment Tonight camera crew. There will be one of those unheeded Check Your Egos At The Door signs and plenty of "We are doing it for the children" blather. Yeah, Michael Jackson did it for the children too and look what happened! I for one do not need L'il Kim lecturing me on the necessity of philanthropy. Why doesn't she go over and give blowjobs to all the widowed men then?

To add insult to injury, Bitchin' Gwen is involved in this fiasco! For shame Gwendolyn, for shammmmme!


Anonymous said...

I knew no good would come of your Gwen love! -jopo

xolondon said...

She's turning into such a corporation with her clothes and now her stupid DIGITAL CAMERA. She needs a doll too and maybe a dress-up hairdo head thing: "Turn Gwen's hair pink!" "Add braces!" "GIve Gwen a bindi!"

V said...

Don't forget those handbags by Le Sportsac.