January 10, 2005

Boy George's Twin Farts Out A New CD

Boy George is releasing a new CD called "YUM YUM" under his pseudonym "The Twin." I think it sounds like crap, but what do I know? If you are a crack whore and would like to order this piece of shite, please do so at More Protein. Listen to a sample of one fucked up track, "Disco Ugly" and get an idea of the sound.

I'd like to add that his look is totally stolen from Leigh Bowery (see pic below) who is long dead and cannot sue BG's ass. It's one thing to write a tribute show to Bowery (Taboo). It's another thing entirely to co-opt his career. Does he deal in black money?

Truth is, I like Boy George - I am just not into this stuff and feeling cunty.


V said...

I saw a thing on Leigh Bowery I think on the TRIO channel. What an imagination! And yes.. Boy George was there making all sorts of comments.

John Sposato said...

He also looks like another late friend of his, Trojan. Maybe this is a tribute to both of them.
Boy just wanted to get out of the usual Boy George mould and try something new.