January 2, 2005

Athlete is back

I am actually bumping up a recent post about the new Athlete song "Wires," my first favorite of 2005. It's from the new Tourist, out on January 31 in the UK. You can sample the single here in the Audio section. Listen to the words and it's clearly a narrative of a loved one who is in the hospital - you've got wires coming out of your skin - I assume an emergency. It's wrenching! I particularly like the moment toward the end (not on the sample, sorry) where the music drops out briefly and it's just the vocal. Very moving - in fact, I cannot think of the last time I heard a single with this sort of subject matter.

The other new songs I have heard sound moodier and tinklier than the last record, which was such uplifiting music. I don't think they give a shit about being cool and that is what makes them cool. For people who don't know Athlete, go here and listen to the sample of "You've Got The Style" to get a sense of their super-British sound.

Sorry for the lame picture. Can't really see them, can you?

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Anonymous said...

I love this song!!!