January 31, 2005

After Vanity left, she went on to make a few poor, dildo/vibrator-obsessed solo albums and had an undergound hit with a song called Pretty Mess that should have been covered by some sleaze, post-Monica Lewinsky: "You left such a pretty mess on my dress."

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this album.


Anonymous said...

Your comments about Denise is atrocious and very disrespectful!

All the things that she went through in her life and almost died from it, gives you no right to call her those derogatory names.

God has touched her the way no fame or thing ever has. Instead of conching in that destructive path, God provided a way for Denise to be herself and not a persona figure. And this has made her a much better person. She is content and happy than she ever has been

I am proud of who she was and is now, and may God continue to bless her!


xolondon said...

Mia, I wrote this and the other Vanity 6 post almost 4 years ago. Re-reading it, I found some of it harsh/sexist and I edited it a bit, though probably not enough to please you. Her solo work had shades of L'il Kim - that cannot be denied.

That said, let's just say that Denise Matthews and I do not share the same views on religion. If it saved her from death, obviously that is a good thing. I am glad she has done something with her life and affected other people positively.

But I still like Bite The Beat, okay...