January 10, 2005

2005: Uber-Poptasticness or Suckage?

Which songs from these records will be on my list next year? Which one of these records will suck royally?

Mercury Rev: Secret Migration (Jan 26). If it is anything like the epic "Nite And Fog" I will be happy.

Athlete: Tourist (Jan 31 UK) See my post on the lovely single Wires. If you dig Coldplay, you will like that song. They are not featuring a rockier sound by any means, which seems to happen often with second albums when naysayers have dismissed the band’s first work as too wussy. Athlete doesn't care.

Tori Amos: The Beekeeper (Feb 22) You know, the album where her piano finds its organ, or something like that. I am sure I will blather on about this record before and after its release. One of the few artists I get excited by anymore, because it's always something new from Tori. Here is the tracklist:

Parasol / Sweet the Sting / The Power of Orange Knickers (duet with Damien Rice!) / Jamaica Inn / Barons of Suburbia / Sleeps with Butterflies (single) / General Joy / Mother Revolution / Ribbons Undone / Cars and Guitars / Witness / Original Sinsuality/ Ireland / The Beekeeper / Martha's Foolish Ginger / Hoochie Woman / Goodbye Pisces / Marys of the Sea / Toast

Everything But The Girl: Adapt Or Die (Spring) 14 remixes and not one new song. Apparently Tracey has a hundred kids (at least 3 now) and would rawther make them some tea and scones than lead red-eyed clubgoers home at 4am in black cabs. Also note that Ben Watt is releasing a new single in January with the British r’n’b singer Estelle. It is called – yes, I am serious – “Pop A Cap In Yo Ass.”

New Order Waiting For the Siren's Call (March 28) New single is called "Krafty."

Imogen Heap: Speak For Yourself (March or April) She -"Immi" - just did a sweet song, "Goodnight And Go," for The OC that you can buy in her site if you have PayPal. It's a good omen for what this solo album will sound like, which is actually not too far from Frou Frou's Details (the finest record of 2002!). The songlist is:

Headlock / Goodnight and Go / Have you got it in you? / Loose Ends / Hide and Seek / Clear the Area / Daylight / Robbery / The walk / Just for Now / I am in love with you / Closing In / The Moment I said it

REM: IRS reissues. (Spring) I don’t think there are a lot of extra tracks, but instead a DVD on each with various freebies. Warners is also releasing remasters, but who wants a fucking remaster of a lame Monster?

Doves: Some Cities (March 1) New single is called “Black & White Town” Listen to a sample of the single here.

Garbage: Bleed Like Me (April) 11 songs: Bad Boyfriend / Run Baby Run / Right Between The Eyes / Why Do You Love Me / Bleed Like Me / It's All Over But The Crying / Boys Wanna Fight / Sex Is Not The Enemy / Metal Heart / Why Don't You Come Over / Happy Home.

Other stuff I am interested in:

Beck is releasing a record sometime in the Spring, but he's been saying that for awhile.

Oasis is releasing something in May. We'll see. At least Noel is not running around saying "The next one will be better" like he usually does. Depeche Mode is also supposedly doing an album for Fall 2005.

Stereophonics Language, Sex, Violence, Other? (March 14). Has a single ("Dakota"), released on February 28. I know I won't like all of this, but they do great mid-tempo songs (see "Maybe Tomorrow") .

Kate Bush just sent a note to her fan club saying that her album is pretty much done and will be released in 2005. How long have we waited... 11 years? Not even a freaking Greatest Hits with an extra song during that time! Not even repackaged CDs ...

The Tears is a new band comprised of Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson, who finally kissed and made up. Will it be more songs about hip Londoners doing "A-class" drugs and glamorously going on the dole? That seems to be the breadth of poor Brett's experience.

Texas (April). Did not like one song on their last CD, but I will give them another chance.

Coldplay Can they live up to expectations? Produced by Danton Supple, song titles include: Square One / Talk / Till Kingdom Come / X&Y / What If / Tardest Part

Madonna is doing something now with Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont). This is a very good thing. She should have done her last album with him instead of one-note Mirwais. Vocoder be banned! The song titles are (rumor) "I Love New York", "Haunted" and "If You Were Here." Probably fake, but we'll see.

Fiona Apple has been shelved by bastard fuckhead label chiefs, but I demand its release now!

Maxwell -for the love of God, man, put down the weed and work. You are the love child/ emotional heir of Marvin Gaye and Kate Bush.

If it all gets too boring, maybe this will be the year I finally acquaint myself with Saint Etienne (link) and their 15 albums I know nothing about, but feel I should. Any hints on where to start? They too have a new record due out soon.

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