January 12, 2005

2004: The Return of the 80's

I spent a lot of time describing music acts in 2004 as being derivative of (or paying homage to) earlier acts, mainly from the 1980's. I decided to make myself a mix of "coupled" songs. The first is the source and the second is the 2004 track. Does anyone else have any other ideas? Please note that the Gwen Stefani album is virtually a track by track imitation of her idols!

1 cherry coloured funk (cocteau twins)
2 wanderlust (delays)

3 reap the wild wind (ultravox)
4 your eyes only (keane)

5 leave this city (the sundays)
6 come undone (the honeymoon)
7 don't you want me (human league)
8 radio (client)

9 suddenly last summer (the motels)
10 cool (gwen stefani)

11 windows (missing persons)
12 danger zone (gwen stefani)

13 is there something i should know (duran duran)
14 midnight show (the killers)

15 mayor of simpleton (xtc)
16 godhopping (dogs die in hot cars)

17 honky cat (elton john)
18 better luck next time (scissor sisters)

19 why you treat me so bad (club nouveau)
20 serious (gwen stefani)

21 regret (new order)
22 the real thing (gwen stefani)


supernovas said...


supernovas said...

listen to belle and sebastian, maximillianhecker(am i right), monaco, the upstairs(made in indonesia)!