November 30, 2004

What I dig this week:

"Cool" Gwen Stefani Bitchin' Gwen does the Motels (on a song about her ex Tony Kanal)
"Rich Girl" Gwen Stefani I could do without the Topol-isms, but this song has a great "piano stomp beat" to it (samples on Amazon)
"A Man And A Woman" U2 One of the more lowkey songs on the new CD and not much like anything they have done before. Usually Bono does not concern him self with mundane topics like marriage / love! (sample on Amazon)
"Little Sister" Rufus Wainwright see review below
"Through With Love" Destiny's Child from what I can tell, this is the only good song on Bouncy's new turd record. This one has appropriate levels of the over-the-top D.C. passion that was so nuttily evident on their "Survivor" CD (sample on Amazon)
Santa Claus Is A Black Man from John Waters great new holiday compilation. This one is sung by a child. I heard it in a store and couldn't stop singing it all day. (sample on Amazon)

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