November 22, 2004

Pee shy?

Surely the strangest Velvet Rope thread in a long time:

Most famous person you've peed next to:

Here is a choice sample (WARNING: grody alert!):
One day while working at Premiere Radio in New York, I was in the bathroom finishing up my business when a guy came into the stall next to me, dropped his pants, and proceeded to blow out some of the most foul, disgusting gas I have ever heard, followed by a shit-valanche. Seriously bad. His strange leather shoes confirmed the fact that the gas bag wasn't a coworker. As I was getting up, another guy walked into the bathroom and in a loud British accent exclaimed, "That's fucking bloody horrible, man." I walked out, and standing in front of me was Robert Plant, taking a piss. He looked at me and pointed at the stall. "Say hello to John Paul Jones."

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