October 13, 2004


What Would Bitchin' Gwen Do? She'd buy one of these Hifi bags that Lisa N. has been rockin' (now don't I sound like I should go into sales? I would finally be rich). Anyway, Lisa has one of the totes with The Clash's London Calling. If you get a custom-made one, by sending in albums of your choice, you can have two front covers.

Not sure if these are exactly copyright friendly, but that's not your problem right? Just you wait for these to show up in the little market section of US Magazine when fucking Ashlee Simpson starts running around with a Fugazi one because she is such a fucking punk. If I were to carry one, which I probably won't, it might have the above Grace Jones CD cover, which I put on the wall of my first apt.


ADD said...

Am I missing the point if I do this with my hair-metal albums like "Pyromania" and "Slippery When Wet"? Or is that exactly the avec irony that spawned this whole thing?

xolondon said...

You can do anything your metal-chick heart desires. It's rock'n'roll babyyyyy