October 6, 2004

There isn't much music news that inspires me today. The REM album is so wan that I have decided not to buy it and just grab a few tracks on itunes. I felt the same way about the Client CDI crowed about awhile back. I ended up buying 5 songs, but skipping the CD itself.

I DO have one song recommendation: the new Supergrass single "Kiss Of Life" - a delicious Talking Heads homage that kicks some ass. Put it on in your car and you will feel very cool. Brief sample on this page.

In lieu of any music comments (and having very little to contribute regarding last night's debate), I will post a picture of something I would like to pop in my mouth right now:

This beauty was made by the Cupcake Cafe on 39th St in Manhattan, but I won't link to them because the cupcakes actually taste like bricks! You are better served going downtown and waiting in line at Magnolia Bakery. (link) You may stand in line behind Pharrel Williams or SJP, so that's no problem. For DC readers, I have found that CakeLove is not so lovely. They might try using ingredients with some flavor! In this town you are better served coming to my house for a sweet.


The Dancing Kids said...

If you don't feel like waiting in the line at Magnolia - you can always head uptown to the Buttercup Bakery on 2nd Ave. I think it's Jennifer Appel (of magnolia fame) who is the partner that runs that. Though I really don't care who runs what - just GIVE ME A RED VELVET CUPCAKE NOW!!!

xolondon said...

The Princess has spoken and the Princess KNOWS!

small squirrel said...

I found this whole topic unnecessarily torturous. LOL. I am now craving cupcakes... and am living in a cupcake-free zone. (sigh)