October 14, 2004

Off Topic: O'Reilly's going down (and not like he wanted)

I am beside myself with giddiness over the potential public embarrassment / downfall of Bill O'Reilly. Gawker.com has funny coverage and links here. A sample of one of Bill's phone calls to the woman (please, God, I will be a little angel for at least a week if you air this phone call in the media!):

I would take the other hand with the felafel (sic) thing and I would put it on your pussy.... just kind of a tease business..."

Note that he means loofah, not felafel! That last "business" phrase is so Bill O'Reilly; he so said that and he is going down...

In related news, sorta-not-quite, the Slate Election Scorecard is so close that I can't take it. This link may not hold - it could change from day to day - but you can find the Scorecard in the Campaign Tab on their navbar. Anyway, I'm going to have to be sedated that night...or just sit on the floor by the toilet waiting to puke from the tension.

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