October 22, 2004

Do you have anything else you want to share, Gavin?

Poor Bitchin' Gwen. Hope she isn't too mad with Gavin for having a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD daughter? Maybe she should just come stay in Arlington? Anyhoo, here are the details of Love Angel Music Baby (that's LAMB to those in the know, like me)...

1. What You Waiting For
Produced by Nellee Hooper; Co-written with Linda Perry
2. Rich Girl
featuring Eve Produced by Dr Dre
3. Hollaback Girl
Co-written and produced by The Neptunes
4. Cool
Co-written and produced by Dallas Austin
5. Bubble Pop Electric
Co-written and produced by Andre 3000 (Johnny Vulture)
6. Luxurious
Co-produced by Nellee Hooper and Tony Kanal; Co-written with Tony Kanal
7. Harajuku Girls
Co-written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
8. Crash
Co-written and produced by Tony Kanal
9. Real Thing
Co-written with Linda Perry; Intro performed by Wendy and Lisa from Prince's
old band; Bass performed by Peter Hook from New Order; Backing Vocals from Bernard Sumner of New Order
10. Serious
Co-written and produced by Tony Kanal
11. Danger Zone
Produced by Nellee Hooper and Dallas Austin; Co-written with Linda Perry and
Dallas Austin
12. Long Way To Go
Co-written and performed by Andre 3000


ADD said...

She looks a bit wan, and drawn. Perhaps still reeling from the baby-mama-drama?

xolondon said...

Truth be told, it is not a new picture! I was just trying to find an excuse to put up a picture of My Gwen.

ADD said...

Please note that I posted my comment while you were in mid-scribe. When I wrote only the picture was available but none of your fab commentary was yet up. So I'm not as thick and "Didn't he JUST say that" as it looks.