October 12, 2004

Dancing on the valentine

Today Duran Duran releases Astronaut, which is technically their first new studio CD (with the original line-up) in 21 years! Since you most likely cannot celebrate by fucking a nubile body-painted girl on a long phallic yacht in the Mediterranean, perhaps you could sit in your cubicle and watch their "Astronaut" 10-minute electronic press kit? The rockin' Duran Duran Italy site has it - just scroll down a bit - they also provided the cool image seen above (click to enlarge, you dirty birds!).

Note that I take back what I said about Roger Taylor looking bad ("Ragged Roger"?) - he actually looks the best of all of them in this particular set of interviews. Samples of the album are now up at Amazon - check out the super-catchy title track, the mega-anthem "What Happens Tomorrow" and "Nice," which sounds like it was recorded for Ragged Tiger. "Bedroom Toys" is sucky and scary - must be one of the Nile Rodgers tracks.

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