September 15, 2004

Would you buy a CD based on the song titles?

The group that clearly gets the 2004 Award for Best Song Titles is The Thrills for their CD Let's Bottle Bohemia. That album title is a bit precious, but these titles are very alluring aren't they?!

Faded Beauty Queens
Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?
You Can't Fool Old Friends With Limousines
Found My Rosebud
The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing

The sound is poppy melodic rock. It's fun. Samples on the site.


small squirrel said...

yes they are--particularly the first and the last!

John said...

They have releases spanning the years, but The Locust has some of the best song titles ever, including "Glueing Carpet to Your Genitals Does Not Make You a Cantaloupe," "Get Off the Cross, the Wood is Needed," "Priest With the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Get Out of My Bed," "Who Wants A Dose Of The Clap?" and "The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You In His Office."

Just thought your readers would like to know.