September 24, 2004

That's pronounced "Maht" not "Murt"

Moving as far from politics as possible, there is an interesting piece in the new New Yorker on Mert ("Matt") Alas and Marcus Piggot, two popular fashion photographers who also do a lot of work in music. It's a good behind-the-scenes look into this type of work.

One editor calls their photography "fakey fakey fakey," because so much alteration takes place in Photoshop, which I think is really just a variation on a darkroom (and they defend themselves by saying as much). An analogy: Why is it that stripped down organic rock music is considered innately better than any sort of ornamented or electronic music? This is true of photography too, as if the goal of all photographers should be to capture a moment honestly. That is such bull! Fake is good too.

Another one of their friends says that all of their work seems to reference Madonna in some way (they are mid-thirties in age). At the end of the piece, when they are critiquing their own images for a fashion spread, they look at a picture and one of them says, "A bit too Breathless Mahoney!" so I guess that's true!

Mert and Marcus did these Bardot-inspired pics for Kylie Minogue's last CD. How much did they have to change her face in Photoshop to get that!? I like the top photo, but the one below is kind of creepy.

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small squirrel said...

Nice bit!
This is all so ridiculous. There are clearly a million different styles of photography, music...what have you. There will always be purists, and that is fine. Why must they think that every kind of (insert medium here) must conform to their standards, though. It's like an architect that thinks everything but "post and beam" is shit. Makes no sense. Different buildings need different things. Am I making any sense whatsoever?

It's funny, because these kind of photographers should have their manual cameras taken squarely away from them and be forced to shoot on auto just to ensure they cannot manipulate light in any way, shape or form. LOL!