September 23, 2004

REM plays the 9/11 card

The new REM
video for Leaving New York is out now. It finds Stipe standing around in airports and train platforms, dressed as either Ashton Kutcher/Guy Ritchie in Kabbalah white or as Jake Shears in a hip, Brooklyn-y cap. He looks forlorn and increasingly like John Hurt or old Alec Guiness.

Do we really need another wistful 9/11 memory? How about leaving New York with happy memories?


small squirrel said...

OK, I am about 3 steps behind on this one. Just watched the video now. Have they actually said it was 9/11 related?

The whole thing held very different meaning for me, but you know me and my whole romanticized travel, escape, blabedy blah blah love affair with airports and melancholia.....

xolondon said...

Look closely and there are images from 9/11 in the video.