September 22, 2004

Jesus loves Michael fine

Thanks to Jim C, I have the link for the new REM stream of Around The Sun. I have not heard it all, but I initially like The Outsiders (check out Q-Tip at about 2:55! It's better in execution than in theory, for a change), I Wanted To Be Wrong (nice harmonies at about 2:00) and the title track. It all sounds very mid-tempo, which is okay since we all hate the "uptempo" Monster and we all love "Automatic..."! As long as it's not weak and redundant, like Up...

UPDATE: I have heard the whole album and have to say I am not overly impressed with this band's ability to make even small changes. The record is a bit sagging on first listen, with the only jaunty track being a piece of shit called Wanderlust. Michael seemed to have gain some energy for his vocals on The Ascent Of Man, a song in which he seems to actually give. What happened to the edginess they presented in songs like Oddfellows? This is all so... middle aged.

Note that the photo above is FIFTEEN years old because REM have aged badly. Sorry, but they have. That picture is Michael's last gasp of Rock Star Beauty.

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