September 10, 2004

Can't get enough of the 80's

The 2nd Season of Bands Reunited has suddenly commenced on VH1. Why am I not hosting this show - or at least working for it?! I even almost shed a tear during the Berlin and Romeovoid episodes. Here is a schedule for the next few days:

The Motels on Friday 9/10 at 10pm (Martha Davis used to be on my locker door. Birthday girl Joanna faked Martha's autograph on it!) more
The English Beat on Sunday 9/12 at 2pm more
ABC on Sunday 9/12 at 3pm more

Thanks to smallsquirrel and Stephan for this information!

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The Dancing Kids said...

Here's what I love about that show - my brother -- who obsessively called me when it first came on the air INSISTING that i watch it since I apparently subjected him to all that music when he was a wee, impressionable child. I like to think it brought us closer together. I also like to think that I am royalty so you decide.