September 7, 2004

Beautiful South cover Rufus Wainwright

On October 18, The Beautiful South will release a new covers album called Goldiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs. I have long loved this band, but finally gave up with the rubbish Gaze, an album in which they replaced beloved girl singer Jacqui with a sound-alike tired-ass bitty. No thanks. The only reason I bring this new record up is that it contains a cover of "Rebel Prince" by Rufus Wainwright (from "Poses"). Here is what the venerable Paul Heaton says about this song:

"This is from the second album by Rufus Wainwright who I’m very into. His arrangements are fantastic and I really like his vocal style; he fits a lot of words in. I suppose there’s a similarity there with Randy Newman, both very classy American songwriters. As far as our treatment goes, well, I love the original and I suppose we’ve copied it really."

Some of the other notable songs are: You're The One That I Want (yes, the hideous Grease song), Living Thing (ELO), and Don't Fear The Reaper (good choice!)


Jude said...

have they gone mad?

xolondon said...

Yes, they jumped the shark awhile back. I think the Reaper cover is done as salsa or something. Blech-itty blech.

Anonymous said...

Rebel Price is a crap song and it has not improved this time round. It is the worst cover on the album.


Anonymous said...

have an N


Anonymous said...

i don't know what any of you lot are on! the album gaze was brilliant material (not their best i agree). as with concerns to goldiggas; livin' thing is a brilliant cover and sounds better than the original (and i recomend any old/semi/new fans buy the single on the day of release (monday the 11th) even if you don't decide to buy the album when it comes out. the rufus wainwright rebel prince the original sounds crap but the beautiful south version (which i heard in hmv on their playlist cd) sounds brilliant. as with Jaquii Abbott she was not replaced by a "sound-alike tired-ass bitty" the beautiful south were abandoned on the middle of their tour by Jaquii (what choice did they have but to find another female singer (no female singer means no beautiful south due to their lyrics it would not be the same without one))

so to sum up give this single and album a chance as it will probably be one of the best albums for ages

Anonymous said...

here, here!