August 16, 2004


I just stumbled upon the fact that Duncan Sheik does the bulk of the Home At The End Of The World soundtrack (the movie that Colin Ferrell's supposedly mega-weenis was cut out of) has samples.

Meanwhile, you can hear samples on of Weightlifting, the new CD by Trashcan Sintaras. Sounds like classic TCS, especially "Got Carried Away" and "Freetime." It is due out on super Tuesday, August 31. Please note that there is an American version with a special DVD.

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small squirrel said...

Oh Duncan....almost forgot about you, but I was watching 90210 re-runs a couple weeks ago and you were on....

Remember going to that show, Steve? Seems like a million years ago. You were disconcerted by my boobalicious shirt. LOL!

Anyway, the tracks sound like they should be good, from what I could tell, anyway. I especially liked the sound of "Brothers"