August 16, 2004

Drowning in the sea of Bjork

Bjork Medulla special now online! See the media player in the upper right.

I saw Bjork's performance on the Olympics while I was in a half-sleep. Was it a duet with Katie Couric? Because I heard more of that perky little bitch than I heard of Bjork! I see that she topped the swan dress with a dress made of 30,000 sq feet of fabric which covered the Olympians on the field.

That little grandstanding minx.

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ADD said...

Hear hear! "Perky little bitch" sums it up beautifully. I was really pissed at the way NBC edited the ceremonies, talking over the song, talking shit about the dress (I thought the crowd-cover element was rather cool), and not showing how they took the skirt back off of everyone. Way too choppy and editorial on the logistics. Typical NBC wankers.