August 23, 2004

Bjork's Medulla previews

You can hear a Bjork Medulla sampler (find Bjork at the bottom and click on the jukebox link) from Giant

For people who are worried that this record will be too experimental, I can tell you that from what I've heard, some is quite digestible, even for les miserables! Who Is It? has a very traditional, strong pop melody and you really can't tell that it's all human voices. Oceania is classic, in the Vespertine style, very pretty and an actual song (which it did not sound like at the Olympics). Good beats can be felt on both Who Is It and Triumph Of A Heart - the latter sounds nothing like the leak a few weeks ago and is pretty dance-able as well. Great vocal stuff going on there. Freaky German expressionists will like Where Is The Line, which is FUCKED UP!

I like this quote from the Giant Step site, which proves she isn't too precious about her own work:
"The only other rule," she says smiling, "was for it not to sound like Manhattan Transfer or Bobby McFerrin. After that, it became a very spontaneous, kind of carefree album to make. I didn’t want to spend another two years making it just a tiny bit better - fuck that."

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