July 9, 2004

Songs Of The Week

Getting UK Poppy this week, but all of these tracks have balls.

Javine "Surrender" Although she is channeling Whitney and Jennifer Garner in the video, it's Beyonce that should be on the defensive. She's got the legs, the hair, the horns. LOVE this.
Girls Aloud "The Show" Wall of sound electropop, Bananarama as sluts. Can;t find a working link to the song yet. Sorreeeee.
Kelis "Trick Me" Yes, it's vaguely reggae, but not enough to irritate. She is cute and FUN and the album is solid.
Fried "Get Out Of Jail" Horrible band name, good modern soul. Created by one of Fine Young Cannibals. They stole the premise of the song from an Alicia Keys video, so jail it may be...

1 comment:

small squirrel said...

Kelis DOES have balls. Literally. That's why her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! Hee.