July 21, 2004

Quote of the Week No. 2

From Michael Musto (I saw it before gawker!)

BRITNEY SPEARS has been engaged for at least 20 minutes, and I just want to say, bravo, girl! (Oh, I'm sure it won't last through the year, but at least Brit's doing what she wants for a change, complete with Kirstie-style ballooning and dangerous nips of ginseng. Practically from birth, she's been squeezed dry by the people around her, who've never turned down a single appearance, tour, video, endorsement, or any other chance to make change pop out of her vagina. They've almost worked the girl to death and now she's finally breaking free, learning the hard way via her own rotten decisions.)

1 comment:

small squirrel said...

Ooooo. Michael Musto showing sympathy? What? And for Britney? Strange.... I wonder if his take is true. did she really have so little input into her own career? if so sure, I feel badly. maybe this is the genesis of the "strong britney" meltdown! But still, stealing shar jackson's man...not nice behavior.