July 12, 2004

The Oh Dear Dept: Bjork eliminates the beeetz

Her new CD Medulla will be voices only, no instruments. OMG! Here is what she tells W Mag:

I just got really bored with instruments. I started doing everything with my voice. Then suddenly I didn't want to work with any musicians, which is a bit weird. I only wanted to work with vocalists." She was inspired, she says, by paganism, and the rather esoteric idea of returning to a universe that is entirely human -- without tools or religion or nationalities. "I wanted the record to be like muscle, blood, flesh," she says, pumping her fist. "We could be in a cave somewhere and one person would start singing, and another person would sing a beat and then the next person sing a melody, and you could just kind of be really happy in your cave. It's quite rootsy," she adds, rolling the "r" for emphasis in her native fashion.

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