July 14, 2004

Medulla tracklist revealed!

So, Bjork is not using musicians on her CD, but she IS using a human beatbox. Justine Timberod must be crushed that he was not asked to assume that role. Anyhoo, here is the artsy fartsy sounding tracklisting:

1. Pleasure Is All Mine
2. Show Me Forgiveness
3. Where Is the Line?
4. Vokuro
5. Oll Birtan
6. Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)
7. Submarine
8. Desired Constellation
9. Oceania
10. Sonnets/Unrealities XI
11. Piano II
12. Mouths Cradle
13. Wednesday (Midvikudags)
14. Triumph of a Heart


small squirrel said...

I bet that Bjork speaks that same language that Anne Heche spoke a couple years back. They should collaborate on a spoke word album that only they (and the other entities from that planet) can understnad.

Side note: I wish I could stil do my Anne impression. Sadly, while mocking others, I have forgotten how to do it.

John said...

I'd actually really like to hear this record. Could be pretty cool.